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  • Angelia Copper

4 Great Ways To Support Men’s Health

While men and women are equals, there are still distinct differences in each sex’s physicality that can dictate various aspects of their health. Health data in the UK and other developed nations reflect lower health scores for women, but it also revealed vulnerabilities in men’s health. A study on gender differences in health further goes into detail on these health differences by finding that men are more susceptible to conditions like coronary artery disease and increased risks for unhealthy habits and injuries. The study also found that men tend to neglect symptoms of pain and disease, which prevents them from seeking treatment. This brings to light the necessity of focusing on men’s health according to their unique needs, and here are three ways to support it:

Eat Whole Foods

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for men, especially given that 5,000 more people than expected died of cardiovascular diseases last year given the circumstances of the pandemic. The first thing men can do to lower their chances of heart problems is to eat healthy and whole foods. Processed and packaged food is convenient but often loaded with saturated fat, artificial additives, and unhealthy amounts of sodium. A good rule of thumb to follow is to eat from all the food groups and ensure that one buys fresh produce, where possible. From fresh fruits and vegetables to protein-rich lean cuts of meat, fresh, whole ingredients are your best bet!

Try Acupuncture

Some treatments and therapies are especially useful for relieving symptoms like chronic pain. Acupuncture is one such treatment that involves the insertion of very fine needles in strategic points of the body for therapeutic and preventive purposes. In addition to promoting mindfulness and stress relief, research also found that electroacupuncture increased the level of protein cells called cytokines in the body, which regulate and activate immunity, thereby strengthening the immune system. Given that men are more susceptible to certain illnesses and stress, acupuncture is an excellent way of fortifying their health.

Get Some Exercise

Men are busier than ever these days, making it more difficult to squeeze in exercise. However, even a 15- minute brisk walk can do wonders for your physical and mental health. There are also innovative tools like under desk bikes that allow you to work out without ever leaving your desk. They’re excellent for multitasking and have several benefits, including gradually adding movement into your routine, affordability, and portability. Men can also squeeze in quick full-body workouts using kettlebells, which are tools that can help you simplify your training, get the same aerobic benefits of cardio, and build strength and mobility.

Break Unhealthy Habits

Many people build unhealthy habits over the years without realising it until it causes a health concern that requires immediate attention. By learning how to form better health habits, men can target health risks they are most susceptible to. Smoking, one of the most difficult habits to break, has many ill effects on men’s health, including lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. Another habit often developed alongside smoking is drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages. While this is a perfectly normal way to unwind and socialise, men should take care not to drink more than four alcoholic beverages in a day. Drug use can also result in a myriad of negative health consequences, such as heart attacks, strokes, and permanent brain damage, whether it's steroid abuse or recreational drugs. Seeing your physician at least once a year is crucial to ensuring that you are aware of the healthy habits you should be building and how to address the consequences of the more unhealthy choices formed over the years. Men have health needs that are specific to them, and it is important that they feel comfortable looking after each aspect of their health. Whether it’s using acupuncture to improve the immune system or limiting cholesterol intake, supporting men’s health in concrete ways allows them to be more confident, productive, and ultimately happier.

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