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22 Acupuncture points for fertility

Updated: Mar 16

Acupuncture, an ancient practice rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, has long been revered for its holistic approach to health and well-being. In recent years, its application for enhancing fertility has garnered significant attention, offering hope and a complementary therapy option for many individuals and couples navigating the complexities of conceiving. We will delve into the intricacies of how acupuncture can be harnessed to support fertility, shedding light on the specific points that are believed to enhance reproductive health.

Infertility, as the medical term of Chinese medicine, was first seen in the “Su Wen” (475-221 BC). Apart from LR 3 (Tai Chong), ST 36 (Zu San Li) and some common points, there are many other points that can be used as key points for fertility issues. You can find 22 traditional Chinese acupuncture points recorded in some ancient books on the list below.

The AB Canon of Acupuncture and Moxibustion《针灸甲乙经》year 282

RN 4、SP 5、KI 9、RN 7、LR 8、BL 31、RN 3、KI 2、KI 1

Illuminated Hall Moxibustion Canon《明堂灸经》year 1190一1194

KI 19、BL 31、KI 2、KI 1

Acupuncture Classics for Life Cultivation《针灸资生经》year 1220

KI 18、LR 4、BL 33、ST 30、KI 9、RN 7、LR 8、RN 3、KI 2、KI 1

Acupuncture Canon Selection《针经节要》year 1100

KI 1

Pujifang《普济方》year 1133

RN 5、KI 18、LR 4、BL 33、ST 30、KI 9、RN 7、BL 31、RN 3、KI 1

Prescriptions Worth a Thousand in Gold《千金要方》year 652

LR 4、ST 30

Essential Formulas for Emergencies (Worth) a Thousand Pieces of Gold《备急千金方》year 682

Qi Men Ex-CA8(3 cun inferior to the umbilicus, and three cun lateral to the umbilicus )、KI 13、RN 4、KI 2

Doctors’ Effective Formulas《世医得效方》year 1337KI 13 、RN 4、KI 2

Elementary Medicine 《医学入门》year 1575

RN 6、RN4、SP 6、RN 3

The Illustrated Supplement to the Systematized Canon《类经图翼》year 1368

KI 18、BL 31、RN 3

Bronze Man Acupuncture Canon《铜人针灸经》year 978-992

RN 3

Integrated Acupuncture《针灸集成》year 1874

LR 11、LR 8

A proper fertility acupuncture treatment is never about protocols because everyone is different. If you find some problems in the Bladder Sinew Channel, you can use BL 31. If you find some abnormal KI heat, you can choose KI 2. And don’t forget to use other meridians/moxa to balance your treatment..

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