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best acupuncture South Kensington Chelsea London


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Phoebus Acupuncture & Herbs | South Kensington | Chelsea | London

Hello, My name is Phoebus

I started to learn acupuncture and Chinese medicine when I was 13 with a family friend. I specialize in acupuncture and herbal medicine. My expertise has helped many patients to improve their health and quality of life. 

I have worked in a hospital setting and at universities teaching courses on traditional Chinese medicine. This has provided me with an opportunity to combine my clinical knowledge with academic research. 

In addition to my practice, I am highly involved in the Chinese medical community and take part in ongoing conferences and lectures related to the field. My dedication to learning new techniques, combined with my experience gives me the ability to help even more people through TCM and acupuncture.

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best acupuncture South Kensington Chelsea London

Acupuncture in South Kensington, Chelsea

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) defines health as a state of optimal balance. We use the ancient wisdom of acupuncture to help you. Phoebus has trained with the best acupuncturists and Chinese medicine doctors from different regions of mainland China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. With treatments combined with modern dry needling and traditional acupuncture. We are not just focused on the symptoms but also the root of the imbalance. Our mission is to provide people with the best opportunity to improve their health and well-being, to create a comfortable environment for people to find healing in South Kensington, Chelsea.


"I would not hesitate to recommend Phoebus to anyone looking for fertility acupuncture. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and enjoyed his treatments."

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33B Beauchamp Place

London SW3 1NU


The Roscop Practice: 02075812639

Acupuncture in Chelsea, South Kensington, Belgravia, Knightsbridge

best south kensington chelsea acupuncture
Best acupuncture London



Fertility issues
Digestive disorders
Pain managemen
t and arthritis
Musculoskeletal conditions
Migraines and headaches


Male Infertility

IVF assistance

Acupuncture in South Kensington, Chelsea

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